Taking The Party To The Next Level With A Double Decker Tent


At Liri Tent, we make it our goal to help you make every event exceptional with a structure that is not only reliable and functional but also sleek and elegant. With our double decker tents you can take your party to the next level, quite literally.

How Easy Is It? Setting Up A Long-Term Structure

Sometimes the need for indoor space does not come with the luxury of months to build or expand brick and mortar space to create the ideal structure for your need. In this sort of situation, Liri Tent can come to the rescue and shine as the perfect solution to the need for immediate space.

Temporary Structures For Sporting Events

Take your sporting event to the next level with help from Liri Tent. Our clearspan fabric structures can help create the exact environment you need for your next sporting event. Liri Tents are ideal for uses for such golf tournaments, rodeos, basketball tournaments, tennis matches, and more.

7 Reasons You Should Offer Your Rental Clients A Liri Tent

Are you an event specialist looking for quality clearspan structures to offer your clients for parties and events? Here are 7 reasons why Liri Tent clearspan tents are the perfect option for your clients.

The Perfect Temporary Tent Structure For Your Outdoor Festival

Summer days are filled with outdoor fun and festivals and Liri Tent has the perfect structure to make your event an unforgettable experience. From tents for food vendors to set up their kitchens to beer gardens, parties, and concerts, Liri Tent has the perfect solution for all of your outdoor structure needs.

Medical Needs and Liri Tent Structures

Liri Tent structures provide a perfect solution to the need for additional outdoor medical tent structures for treating patients and storing medical supplies, as well as providing a reliable option for onsite medical units in the event that traditional space has exceeded capacity.

Why Just Camp? Why More and More Clients are Glamping with Liri Tent Structures

Liri Tent has the perfect structure options to create an idyllic glamping experience.

Liri Tent Structures For Temporary and Long Term Retail Space

Liri Tent offers the ideal structure for long-term and temporary retail space that is cost-effective, reliable, and can be customized to meet your business’s needs.

Liri Tent Clearspan Structures For Storm and Disaster Relief

Whether it’s a tornado, a flood, hurricane, fire, ice storm, or any other disaster, one thing is certain, immediate disaster relief and aid is of utmost importance.

How Peak Event Partners is Helping Businesses Stay Open With Liri Tent Structures

As Colorado returned to Code Red in the midst of the Covid 19 Pandemic, small businesses once again began to worry