• Large Beam Clearspans 20 - 50m (66 - 197 ft)

The Liri Tent US Large Beam Clearspan tents are built with a modular structure design and have the ability to be increased and decreased in bay distance of 5 m (16 ft) according to any specific need. Liri’s large-scale clearspan structures provide a unique opportunity for any event. These tents, large enough to fit an entire football field, concert stage, and more, give planners the ability to curate any experience they choose. Our large beam clearspan tent structures are fully customizable with innovative accessories able to create a structure for almost any use. Accessories such as rolling doors to give access to large vehicles or machinery make this a fantastic option for industrial tents, warehouse storage, military tents, or an operations base for natural disaster relief. Our large beam clearspan tents are built with the top of the line design and quality that you can expect from Liri Tent. Bar-tensioning systems and fixed sidewall to the eave beam instead of being hung on the round bar with rings allow our products to have increased wind loading and tightness with parts that are interchangeable. Designed to withstand various weather conditions and to exceed safety standards, our large beam clearspan structures are a reliable choice for any use.

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