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Ride and train year round, regardless of weather conditions, in our Clear Span Equestrian Tents. There are many benefits to choosing a tension fabric structure over a traditional wood or steel structure, including the light-permeable fabric cover and a unique design that allows maximum space for riding activities. Because of the fast construction, durability, versatility and economical cost, tension fabric-covered equestrian arenas are a superior alternative to conventional structures, offering the best value for your investment. Clear Span Equestrian Tents also offers many customizable options for your indoor arena, including ventilation systems, doors, lighting, stalls, fencing and more.

Liri Tent US offers a diverse product line of clear span engineered fabric structures for temporary structure installations or semi-permanent structure installations, which in many cases can be deployed indefinitely. Our products can take on a variety of uses and have become a popular choice among the Equestrian community. These clients have used the Liri clear span engineered fabric structures to create horse stables, covered arenas and other shelter needs. When used at the competition level, our equestrian structure solutions can enhance the participant and spectator experience, offering comfortable seating, VIP facilities and shopping areas. These uses can be supported by dozens of potential configurations that we maintain in our US based inventory to fit your needs at any given time.

There are many advantages to using a Liri clear span engineered fabric structure for your horse stable or horse arena needs. Unlike conventional buildings, equestrian structure solutions are capable of being installed quickly on-site. Our inventory boasts a variety of frame and top cover styles which include : A-frame, Dome, Arcum, Polygon and variety of other profiles, while our accessories are priced to allow you to easily customize and expand as your needs change. This means you get the structure you need, when you need it. Liri Tent US has the products and services to transform your property and ensuing events into a visual spectacle and provide functional capability that will elevate your events and activities to the highest level of proficiency and style.

Our equestrian structure solutions clients are located across North America and vary in size and scope. Whether we are working with individual horse owners that have a need on their private property, small equestrian businesses or large productions with dozens of horse stables, spectator needs and merchant facilities large national and international events our standards remain the same. All of our customers receive the highest quality of products and service throughout the entire planning, installation and post-installation process.

We understand that cost is critical when making infrastructure investments and the choice to utilize a Liri clear span engineered fabric structure is an obvious one. With unmatched quality and design from one of the industry’s leading globally recognized brands, Liri Tent US offers an unbeatable value.

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