Hospitality Tents

Liri Tent US hospitality fabric structures provides tent solutions for hotel properties looking for quick, cost-effective hospitality space.

Ideal for multi-purpose applications like banquet halls and convention spaces, Liri Tent US’s modular design and bright engineered fabric structure interiors provide better-sounding acoustics and reduced climate control costs.

Compared with traditional concrete hotels, Liri's hotel tent offers less investment costs for a safe structure that is fast and easy to assemble with an elegant appearance. Hotel tents can be set up on many different kinds of surfaces for a flexible installation and 100% space utilization. These are hard pressed extruded aluminum structures, with a non-corrosive anodized surface and meet all the international safety standards.

Tent connectors are galvanized, applying international welding technology and rust prevention which can guarantee 30 years of no rust. PVC- coated fabric is UV-proof, water-proof, flame retardant and self-cleaning. A full range of optional accessories are available for hospitality tents, such as clear PVC window sidewalls, steel anchors, weight plates, lining decorations, glass walls, glass doors, ABS solid walls, transparent roof covers and sidewalls, flooring systems and rain gutters.

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