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From field ops to recreation areas, Liri Tent US high-quality, high-performance military fabric structures can be used for a variety of applications and are optimized for the military industry. Our military tent solutions are rapidly deployable and easy to erect and relocate. Some uses for our Fabric buildings are: disaster relief, Hazmat and military facilities, medical emergency centers, barracks, temporary housing, mobile field shelters, command centers, large area maintenance structures, containment of warships, and aircraft carriers, to dining halls, sleeping quarters and humanitarian relief centers — we have a building that can be customized for your unique needs.

How can professional military training have less supporting military tents, strong resistance, or typhoon resistant? Military tents use high-strength aluminum alloy tubes, high-end PVC tarpaulin combination, and flame retardant double-sided PVC synthetic fiber cloth. The flame retardant is up to the European standards DIN4102 B1, M2. The colors that you can choose for the tarp includes Army green, white, or camouflage. All Liri Tents can be used as military tents and the span can be from 3m to 60m (10ft to 197ft), which can be multiplied by 3m (10ft) or 5m (16ft) in length. For example: 6x12m (20x39ft), 8x15m (26x49ft), 15x25m (49x82ft), and 40x80m (131x262ft).

In addition, military tents can be used as a temporary command center, temporary military training center, and a place for field army exercises. They can also be used for field reconnaissance, Air Force Base, headquarters, medical relief station, seismic headquarters, the United Nations Disaster Relief housing canopy, and good storage warehouse.

At Liri, you can find tents for the military that are stable, wind resistant, new, and beautiful. Whether it is to build the field of military tents, victims of long-term or short-term residence or military training center, Liri army tent can give you a stable, comfortable home to enjoy.

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