Transparent Top Tents

Transparent Top Party Tents for Sale

The Transparent Party Tent uses transparent PVC material for the roof cover, sidewall (which can be transparent PVC), glass wall or transparent ABS wall to create a crystal-looking tent. It is an attractive design for many types of events. It can be used with lighting effect in the evening and different colors can be used to make the event more glamorous.

The Transparent Party Tent is a great choice for outdoor weddings, cocktail parties, VIP receptions, brand shows, etc. It will bring elegance and novelty to the event. Liri Transparent tent is available in A-shape tent, Curved Tent and High Peak Tent. The available sizes include 3m (10ft), 4m (13ft), 5m (16ft), 6m (20ft), 8m (26ft), 9m (30ft), 10m (33ft), 12m (39ft), 15m (49ft), 18m (59ft), 20m (66ft), 21m (69ft), 25m (82ft), 30m (98ft), 40m (131ft), 50m (164ft) and 60m (197ft). The length of the marquee tent can be increased or decreased by 3 or 5m (10 or 16ft).

The equipment options available

  • Tent Furniture
  • Electro motion Rolling Door and Steel Sheet Wall
  • Flooring System (Wood Floor)
  • Lining and Curtain
  • Transport Racks
  • Rain Gutter
  • Ramp Anchoring
  • Weight Plate
  • Weight Plate Cover
  • Weight Plate Cover
  • Transparent ABS Wall, PVC Windows Sidewalls, ABS Hard Walls, Glass Wall, Sandwich Walls, Ventilation Windows on gable triangle
  • Fire Glass Door, Double Wing Glass Door, Single Door and Sliding Door

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