Semi-Permanent Tent Solutions for Agriculture

Liri Tent has the ideal solution for all of your agricultural structure needs. From sheltering yourlivestock to storing your harvest, Liri has a solution that can be customized to meet the uniqueagricultural needs of your operation. We offer top of the line, reliable structures that you candepend on. We can work with you to design storage tents for grains, produce, and equipment aswell as structures to safely and comfortably protect your livestock from the elements. From cowspens to chicken coops, our structures will be an ideal home for your animals. If you needgreenhouses, Liri Tent can help you design a growing facility that will help you grow your cropsall year long. With Liri Tent, you can find the perfect solution for whatever kind of agriculturalstructure you are looking for.

Clearspan Tent Structures for Agriculture

Liri Tent structures are built according to the highest safety standards in the industry and when youchoose a Liri Tent structure for your agricultural needs you are choosing a reliable fabric structure of thehighest quality that will safely and effectively store your agricultural harvest, materials, equipment andlivestock. Our structures are to withstand all weather conditions and can be customized to accommodatethe unique needs of the products you are storing.

Clearspan Agriculture Tent Structure Uses

– Storage for Farm Equipment

– Storage Space for Crops

– Additional Workspace for Mechanical and Veterinary Farm Services

Popular Tents for Agriculture

Our agriculture structures are cost-effective, efficient, and reliable. Unlike a permanent structure that cantake months to build, our agricultural structures can be assembled and up and running for you in a matter of days. Our structures can be built on almost any type of ground including gravel, grass, and sand, whichgives you the ability to place your structure exactly where you need it to be. And if that changes at anytime, your structure can be moved to a different location with little hassle. Our structures are fullycustomizable and can be designed according to your unique needs. With no length limit, you can add toyour structure as your operation grows. And with options for hard or soft walls and removable sides, youcan have your structure closed to the elements or open to fresh air and ventilation depending on theweather. Rolling doors can be installed to give farm vehicles access. With a wide variety of options, LiriTent has the solution for your agricultural operation.


Our NPT Series features structures with widths of 5m (16ft), 6m (20ft), 8m (26ft), 9m (30ft), 10m (33ft)and 12m (39ft), the eave height is 2.6m (9ft). This series uses a modular-combination design whichallows the tent length to be adjusted in 3m (10ft) increments.


The NHT Series features structures with widths of 6m (20ft), 9m (30ft), 12m (39ft); the eave height is 3m(10ft). This series uses a modular-combination design which allows the tent length to be adjusted in 3m(10ft) increments.


The ET Series features structures available in widths of 8m (26ft), 10m (33ft), 12m (39ft), 15m (49ft), 16m(53ft), and 18m (59ft); the eave height is 3.3m (11ft). This series uses modular-combination design whichallows the tent length to be adjusted in 5m (16ft) bays. The ET Series products are available in A-shape,Arcum and High Peak roofs.

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