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Clear Span Engineered Fabric Structures

Semi Permanent Tent Structures For Sale

Liri Tent US clear span engineered fabric structures are built with main beam connection fittings and base plates that are made from triple-galvanized structural steel.

Hospitality Tents

Liri Tent US hospitality fabric structures provide tent solutions for hotel properties looking for quick, cost-effective hospitality space.


Industrial Tents

We provide high quality industrial fabric structures tent solutions used for storage and warehousing, equipment, manufacturing and environmental protection...


Equistrian Tents

Ride and train year round, regardless of weather conditions, in a Liri Tent US Indoor Riding fabric structure. There are many benefits to choosing a tension fabric structure over a traditional wood ...


All tents are available in a variety of colors, styles, sizes, and patterns.
The highest quality and safety standards are what we adhere to.
Our customized products can meet kinds of needs from our clients.
Each tent is manufactured in accordance with EU structural engineering certification.

New Clear Span Tent Structures

Small Beam Clearpsan

Curve Tents

Arcum Dome Tents

High Peak Tents

Double Decker

Polygon Tents


Liri Tent whose products has been exported to over 100 countries and regions has maintained the leading position in tent exporting for 18 consecutive years.

  The structure that we recently purchased from Liri Tent US has transformed a large area of our property into pavilion that offers a place for food service, expanded wine tasting area, private parties or open seating that overlooks the property — offering a great view of the sunset. We have had so many positive comments. Liri was great to work with and offered the consultation and support we needed in order to make this investment decision.” — Galen Haddock- owner
"Immediately, we agreed to the new look for our 18th hole build-out, which is one of the larger ones on the PGA Tour. Already heads are turning and people are excited." -Sydney Wolf Chairman Puerto Rico Open at Coco Beach
"Thank you for your attention with our project." -District Elder Alton F Pettus The Way of the Cross Church of Christ, International
"(The)Tent went up great. Thank you for all the support and patience. Really easy install process. " -Marc Grimes Grimes Events & Party Tents
"Bledsoe Tents, LLC has had the opportunity to purchase (a) Liri Tents US clearspan structure tent in 2017. The product has met and exceeded our expectations on both price and quality. As a result we are happy with our choice and look forward to future business with Liri Tent US." -Mike Frelleson
“Liri Arcum BT Series 25m*40m ((82’x131’) has been successfully installed over an ice rink in LaGrange Georgia.  The uniqueness of this structure has received great reviews from all project stakeholders and patrons” -Jim Gomez

"Since Liri US has been established we have received great customer support, access to immediate inventory and aggressive prices in order to provide the value we require. Further, we are very please with the quality of the product and Liri's continued innovation.”

Rudy Lekar — Full Circle Events

About Us

Our Liri Clear Span Tents for sale and large fabric structures are a fast, economical solution for convention centers, exhibit halls, large public fairs, concert venues, trade shows and more. These Clearspan tents for sale structures offer a unique design that provides ample height and extraordinary clearance.

There are no internal columns to interfere with exhibits, stages or viewing areas.

Our Clear Span tents for sale product line offers a variety in size and shape so they are easily customized to fit your specifications. We also offer a full range of accessories to ensure comprehensive solutions for all your space needs.

Liri Clear Span Tents are available from our office located here in the USA.

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