Liri Tent US Presents

The Elevated
Flooring System (EFS)

Elevate Your Event Experience with Liri's
Elevated Flooring System

When precision, innovation, and adaptability come together, the Elevated Flooring System (EFS) by Liri Tent US emerges. Experience an unparalleled foundation for your tents, built to perfection, ensuring that your structure stands tall and resolute.

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Seamless Integration with Liri Tents

With the EFS, once you place a Liri structure on it, you're already steps ahead.

Pre-Squared Design
No need to align or adjust. Once set, your tent is squared and ready.
Mounted Base-Plate System
Everything is in place. Just frame and set your tent.
EFS is compatible with tent structures from other manufacturers.
2024.02 EFS Landing Page Image 2 - Liri Tent
Unique Liri Advantage

Our innovative main beam design of the EFS allows the removal of sections to provide access to heavy machinery for larger tent installations. Those beams can easily be replaced and the floor reset, minimizing time and increasing labor efficiency.

Customizable and Versatile
Flexible Sizing
Based on your most popular tent configurations, we’ve built flexibility into the sizing of our system to accommodate various changes in tent bay spacing. This gives you the ability to use our flooring system with a number of different tent configurations based on your inventory.
While EFS is a signature Liri product, its deck panels are versatile enough to match competitor products, offering you unparalleled flexibility.
Construction Excellence

Our EFS uses the standard construction ring-lock scaffolding system, known for its robustness and reliability.

Features and Benefits
US-Based Inventory
Expect fast shipping times, ensuring your event setup is always on schedule.
Impressive Load
Can hold an impressive 120 lbs per square foot, offering stability even for the grandest events.
Elevation Expertise
With the ability to be built in gradients, the EFS adapts to various landscaping grade requirements. While 1-3m is the most sought-after range, we have the ability to go beyond this.
Engineered Perfection
Our EFS comes with US-based sealed engineering documentation to meet the requirements of inspectors.
All-Inclusive System
Railings, stairs, walling systems, and more! We can heat-transfer a wood finish to the railings of the EFS system, giving you the ability to create a seamless look between your structure and the elevated flooring system.