Keep it Safe and Dry: Solutions for Everything from Grain Storage to Materials that Need to be Contained

Keep it Safe and Dry: Solutions for Everything from Grain Storage to Materials that Need to be Contained

In recent years, we have seen the price for everything shoot up. From building materials to essentials like grain, the cost of everything is rising and the need to protect your property is more important than ever before. Whether you spend your days on the farm or at an industrial worksite, you oftentimes have the need for storage solutions to keep your materials safe and dry from the outdoor elements. Liri Tent offers storage solutions customized to your exact needs, from size requirements to environmental factors. 

Industrial Warehouse and Worksite Storage Solutions

Industrial companies around the country need storage solutions built to fit their needs. From warehouse-like structures to pop-up tents used for safety meetings, there are a million and one ways to use tent structures on job sites. Liri Tent’s durable and customizable design makes our clear span tent structures an ideal fit for many industrial applications that need storage and shelter.

Additionally, Liri Tent’s semi-permanent structures have the flexibility to be built on sand, asphalt, concrete, or grass, which offers much more adaptability than conventional buildings. As job sites shift, your structure can too. Our convenient but sturdy structures can be ready within days, not months. When we say sturdy, we mean it. Our structures are built to withstand wind loads of up to 115 mph and both balanced and unbalanced snow loads of 75 kg/sqm. To battle weather conditions year-round, our structures can be outfitted with tent accessories like air conditioning and rain gutters.

Another feature of our warehouse-like structures that make them the optimal storage solutions is their high clearance. When we use the words “clear span” it refers to the unique build of our tent structures. Our tents are designed and built to structurally support themselves without the need for internal support poles, giving you the maximum use of your space. In addition to having no support poles inside your tent, you can maximize the ease of access to your warehouse with the addition of electric rolling doors. With an electric rolling door in place, you can move equipment and vehicles in and out of your structure with ease without having to push and pull the door open and close manually. Previous clients have used these doors for regular commercial class cars to heavy construction machinery and helicopters. 


Ideal Tent Structures for Your Storage Solutions

Liri Tent offers a variety of tent structures to meet the needs of different solutions and different industries. While our glamping tents may work well in hospitality settings, they may not be your best option when it comes to storage and warehouse needs. 

With quick and easy installation, A-frame, Arcum, Dome, and High Peak roofs, and compatibility with a full range of accessories to increase functionality, the ET tent series is an excellent choice for storage solutions to keep your property safe and dry. This series features structures available in widths of 30 ft., 40 ft., 50 ft., and 60 ft. The tent’s PVC covers are made out of a double PVC-coated polyester textile which is flame retardant in accordance with industry standards. 

Another optimal choice for storage solutions is the EBT tent series, which offers a modular combination design available in widths of 65 ft., 82 ft., and 98 ft. This series offers variety in shape and size such as A-shape, Arcum, Dome, Polygon, and lower-pitch inflatable roof covers, while still holding the same flame retardant standards as the ET series. These structures are especially helpful in both temporary or semi-permanent scenarios. 


Keep Your Property Safe and Dry with Liri Tent Structures

Keep your materials and equipment safe and dry with the help of a Liri Tent structure that’s designed to last. Your property is important and expensive to replace! With a semi-permanent clear span tent structure you can rest assured that your items are free from the effects of inclement weather, dust, thieves, and more. 

With many different tent series options to choose from, it may be difficult to know where to start. Our Liri Tent professionals are just one message or call away. We pride ourselves on offering unmatched customer service and providing the latest designs and innovative accessories to meet your space needs at an unmatched value. Each client’s needs are unique, which is why our innovative modular designs work so well.