Semi-Permanent Tent Solutions for Education

Liri Tent offers structures that are ideal for the need for extra space in educational facilities. Our education tents are customizable to create both storage and extra classroom space. Because our structures are designed without internal support poles, the space is yours to design to look and function exactly the way you need it to. With accessories such as glass doors and flooring, as well as heating and cooling, we can help you create a comfortable and beautiful classroom setting for your students. Our school tents can be built on many different surfaces such as grass, asphalt, and concrete, which makes it easy for you to place your structure in the most convenient location.

Popular Tents for Education

Many educational institutions are quickly trying to find a way to have more space for students, be it in the classroom, gymnasium, hallways, cafeteria, and more. Liri Tent has temporary and semi-permanent education tents that are installed easily in a matter of days with little hassle, are cost-effective, and are adaptable to every need and situation. Our education tents for sale can also be repurposed and reconfigured, to help schools meet any additional space needs they may face.

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