Unparalleled Quality in Equestrian Tent Structures

As leaders in equestrian architecture, we understand your passion for excellence. You don’t compromise when it comes to the welfare of your horses or the success of your equestrian events — neither do we. At Liri Tent, we curate a world where superior design, uncompromising quality, and durability coexist.

Impress Spectators and Competitors Alike with Liri Tent’s Equestrian Event Structures

A testament to pristine craftsmanship and functionality, our tent structures can be designed to fit the needs of:

Provide your competitors’ horses with safe, durable housing built to keep champion steeds comfortable
Riding Arenas:
Liri Tent structures can be designed to fit the space needed to showcase talented riders and horses, while also fitting the needs of spectators.
Outdoor Structures:
From petting zoos to local ranches, Liri Tent’s temporary long-term outdoor structures can provide coverage from inclement weather.

Durability Shouldn’t Come at the Cost of Bespoke Design

Each Liri Tent creation is a testament to your dedication to excellence without skimping on unique design:

  • Liri Tent structures are built to withstand wind loads of up to 115mph.
  • Our structures meet the U.S. National Fire Protection Agency’s highest standards and State Fire Marshal inspections.
  • Optional heating and cooling systems add comfort through the summer and winter seasons

Don’t Compromise When It Comes to the Welfare of Your Horses or the Success of Your Events

Contact us today to learn more about how Liri Tent can elevate your equestrian events and horse stables or explore our website for more information about a variety of structures.