Clearspan Tent Solutions for Event Rentals

Let Liri Tent help you make your event extraordinary with our event tent rentals. From weddings to festivals, we have the perfect structure to create a space that will exceed all of your expectations. Our extensive and innovative accessories make customizing your space fun and easy and give you all the options you need for a successful event. Rain gutters and HVAC units are available to make your space comfortable in any weather. With options such as glass doors and walls, transparent fabric, flooring, and stairs you can turn your tent structure into the event of your dreams.

Clearspan Tent Structures for Events

Liri Tent’s state-of-the-art event structures are top-of-the-line and of the highest quality available. Make your client’s event something truly remarkable with a Liri Tent structure.

Event Tent Structure Uses

Liri Tent’s party tent rentals are suitable for various purposes including the events listed below.


– Wedding Tent Rentals
– Music Festivals
– Fairs
– Trade Show Tent Rentals 
– Concerts
– Conventions

Popular Event Tent Rentals

When it comes to events, the setting is everything. Liri Tent is your immediate and reliable solution for a long-term or temporary structure that is sure to exceed all your expectations. Liri offers unmatched quality, value, and customer service while providing the latest products to meet all space needs for weddings, festivals, concerts, trade shows, and more.


The NHT Series features structures with widths of 6m (20ft), 9m (30ft), 12m (39ft); the eave height is 3m (10ft). This series uses a modular-combination design which allows the tent length to be adjusted in 3m (10ft) increments.


The ET Series features structures available in widths of 8m (26ft), 10m (33ft), 12m (39ft), 15m (49ft), 16m (53ft), and 18m (59ft); the eave height is 3.3m (11ft). This series uses a modular-combination design which allows the tent length to be adjusted in 5m (16ft) bays. The ET Series products are available in A-shape, Arcum and High Peak roofs.


The EBT Series features structures available in widths of 20m (66ft), 25m (82ft) and 30m (98ft). This series uses a modular-combination design which allows the tent length to be adjusted in 5m (16ft) bays.

Event Rentals FAQ

What factors should I consider when choosing the right size of event tent for my occasion?

Selecting the appropriate tent size depends on the number of guests, seating arrangements, and any additional space requirements like a dance floor or catering area. Our team can assist you in determining the ideal size for your event.

What amenities and accessories can be added to event tent rentals to enhance the guest experience?

We offer a range of amenities and accessories, including ABS walls, clear PVC window sidewalls, lining and curtains, sliding doors, transparent roof covers and sidewalls, flooring systems, rain gutter systems, and more! These additions can transform the tent into a comfortable and stylish event space.

How far in advance should I book an event tent rental, and what is the cancellation policy?

Booking times can vary, but it’s advisable to secure your event tent rental well in advance of a few days, especially for peak event seasons. Our cancellation policy typically depends on the specific terms outlined in your rental agreement.

What is the typical duration of an event tent rental, and can I extend it if needed?

The rental duration can vary depending on your event needs, from a single day upwards. If you need to extend the rental period beyond the initial agreement, please contact our team as soon as possible to make arrangements.

How do event tent rentals handle inclement weather, such as rain or strong winds?

Our event tents are designed to provide shelter from various weather conditions. They can be equipped with sidewalls and anchored securely to withstand rain and wind. In the case of extreme weather, we may need to take additional precautions or recommend rescheduling for safety. Also, Liri Tent structures can withstand up to 8 magnitude strong winds, under normal installation and fixing conditions.

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