• Arcum / Dome Tents

The Liri Tent US Arcum and Dome clearspan tent maintains the traditional architectural design of our A-frame tent, but with fun and beautiful shape options for the roof. These tent structures are built with a highly reinforced aluminum frame and PVC covers. The aluminum roof beams are pre-pressed to create our innovative curve shape. Your choice of an Arcum or Dome tent structure for events or reception spaces offers you the protection and comfort of a home in the open air.  With its high ceilings and spacious interior, it creates an expansive and airy feeling of openness. These structures are perfect for events that need a non-traditional curved roof design for style purposes. These tents are available in 3m (10ft) bays or 5m (16 ft) bays to accommodate any size event. As with all of our tent structures, our Acrum/Dome tents are built to exceed the highest safety standards and are able to be customized to meet all your expectations for your space. Our Acrum/Dome clear span tent structures are easy to install and can be built on many different types of ground.

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