• Multi-sided Tents

Liri Tent’s multi-sided clearspan tents are built on the basis of the hexagon, octagon, and decagon, and continues to span the number of sides based on the need of the diameter and square footage of the tent. The tent frame uses hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy (6061/T6) and the roof cover uses PVC-coated polyester textile. With the ability to resist a high wind load, these tents are a reliable option in many different weather conditions. Easy to assemble, dismantle, and store because of their small volume, Liri’s multi-sided clear span tents are an efficient and excellent choice for any tent need. With an elegant design providing both comfort and strength, these tent structures are ideal for creating a beautiful atmosphere for weddings, ceremonies, and private parties as well as corporate, retail, and sporting events. With a unique circular design and extensive accessory options including transparent roof covers and sidewalls the multi-sided tent structure allows you to see the night sky from the inside of the tent. Built with the highest quality materials that you can expect from Liri Tent and ideal for both temporary or long-term structural needs, our multi-sided tents are an architectural masterpiece just waiting to be customized for your business or next event.

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