Curve tent series 15m – 40m (49 – 131ft)



The Curve Tent is one of the newest products that we have designed in the tent series. More and more clients prefer this tent because of its special and elegant “heart” shape.  There are 3 types in the Curved Tent series. These include CBT(span from 15m to 25m (49 ft to 131ft), main profile size 204x120x4mm (8x5x0.2″)), CEBT (span from 15m to 30m (49ft to 98ft), main profile size 256x121x5mm), and CTH (span from 20m to 40m (66ft to 131ft), main profile size 300x125x5/8mm (12x5x0.2/0.3″)).

The Curve Tent series are modular structures and can be increased or decreased in bay distance of 5m (16ft) according to the clients’ requirement. The main frameworks (upright support and roof beam) are manufactured with high pressed extruded anodized aluminum (6061/T6) and the double-sided PVC roof covers use PVC-coated polyester textile. The flame retardant is based on the European standard DIN 4102B1, M2.

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