Yurt Glamping Tent



In the early days of the emergence of the yurt, it was used as a residence for the shepherds of the grasslands. In some European countries, the yurt represents a portable or tent-like structure used by shepherds. But now, the emergence of a new type of yurt tent has refreshed people’s understanding of the yurt and opened up a new way of camping.

Compared to traditional yurts, our new yurt tent retains the circular shape, but has an updated skeleton and fabric. On the skeleton, the yurt tent adopts a strong and lightweight aluminum alloy frame, which is available in various sizes depending on the environment and bearing capacity. The fabric is a foam-coated PVC cloth, which has good waterproof performance and is self-cleaning, anti-mildew, anti-aging, and flame retardant in order to ensure the long-term lifespan of your Liri Tent yurt structure.