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At Liri Tent US our job is not done when the transaction is completed. We pride ourselves in our ability to assist with your needs beyond the purchase of one of our structures. Our experienced team knows how important the details are in getting you the accessories and expansion capability you need in order to get the most productivity out of your structure.

We are happy to assist with your planning and preparation needs to ensure the best overall experience for you and your clients. Also, if maintenance and/or repairs are required, we will have the necessary materials in our Kansas City, Kansas based operations center.

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Our Advantages

US-based Inventory, Maintenance, Sales & Support

Get the product you need when you need it with our US-based inventory, services, delivery and customer service.

American Engineering Certificate and Flame Retardant Certificate

We have certificates showing our compliance to those standards.

Industry Leading Technology

We keep current with the latest industry trends and technology to offer the best product we can to our clients.

Customizable Structures

Our designs are flexible offering varying widths in the same structure to fit your changing needs.



We are able to offer support for qualified buyers through our financing program. Let us know what kind of payments you need and we will work to make that happen.

Cleaning and Repairing

We have the equipment needed to take care of large or small repair jobs to the products you order from us.

Full Range Accessories

Looking for a complete structure to include walls, doors, and tent liners? Check out our full line of accessories, we are able to offer these products designed to enhance your structure.

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