Tent Solutions for Sports and Recreation

Liri Tent structures can help you create an optimal sporting event experience with our custom sports tents. We specialize in helping you design the optimal space for your event and our structures are available with all the accessories you need to create a sports event space that is sure to impress. Our multi-functional sports tents are available in a large variety of shapes and sizes and the floors, walls, and ceiling can be customized according to your event’s needs. Designed with the ability to be built on almost any surface and to withstand harsh weather conditions, our sports and team tents are the solution you need for your next event.

Semi-Permanent Recreation and Sports Tent Structures

Reliable in inclement weather conditions, fully customizable, and easily and quickly assembled, our tents for sporting events are the ideal choice for your recreational event structure.

Clearspan Recreation and Sports Tent Uses

– Sporting Events
– Pool Covering
– Recreational Events
– Golf Tournaments
– Rodeos
– Basketball Tournaments
– Tennis Matches

Popular Tents for Sports and Recreation

At Liri Tent, we pride ourselves on our top-notch quality, value, and customer service. Using trendsetting technology and the highest quality materials available, we offer structures that are top-of-the-line and the best value in the industry for any of your outdoor/indoor sporting needs. See our sports tent for sale.


The BT Series features structures available in widths of 10m (33ft), 12m (39ft), 15m (49ft), 20m (66ft), 21m (69ft) and 25m (82ft). The main aluminum profile size is. This series uses a modular-combination design which allows the tent length to be adjusted in 5m (16ft) increments.


The EBT Series features structures available in widths of 20m (66ft), 25m (82ft) and 30m (98ft). This series uses a modular-combination design which allows the tent length to be adjusted in 5m (16ft) bays.


The TH Series features structures available in widths of 30m (98ft) and 40m (131ft). This series uses a modular-combination design which allows the tent length to be adjusted in 5m (16ft) bays.

Sports and Recreation Tents FAQ

What types of events are Liri Tent sports tents suitable for?

Liri Tent’s sporting event tents are suitable for a wide range of uses such as rodeos, tennis matches, swimming and pool competitions, recreational events, outdoor tournaments, and spectator areas. Our clearspan sport tent structures are the perfect fit to accommodate the open space needed to host sporting events and recreational functions.

Are Liri Tent’s sports tents customizable to match our team's colors and branding?

Yes, we can customize your sports tents to reflect your team’s colors, logos, and branding. This personalization not only enhances the aesthetics but also promotes team spirit and recognition.

Can your sports tents withstand adverse weather conditions like rain and wind?

Under normal installation and fixing conditions, Liri Tent structures can withstand up to 8 magnitude strong winds. While our tents are durable, we advise you to evacuate if you’re facing severe winds and weather conditions. 

What is the setup time for sports tents, and do you offer installation services?

Our tent structures can be quickly set up within days. We also offer installation services to ensure a hassle-free setup for your sports event.

What safety features are incorporated into your sports tents to ensure the well-being of participants and spectators?

Liri Tent’s structures are built with safety in mind. Our tents come with secure anchoring systems, a 204x120x4mm four-channel high-strength extruded and anodized Aluminum (6061/T6) for our tent frames, hot dipped galvanized steel for the connectors, and double PVC-coated polyester textile which is flame retardant in accordance with industry, U.S. National Fire Protection Agency, and State Fire Marshal inspections standards.

Customer Reviews


Victoria Nixon
Victoria Nixon
Liri Tent US has always been helpful expediting the parts we need and keeping us up to date on expectations
Chad Ayres
Chad Ayres
The entire team at Liri US has been amazing to work with. The warehouse team was knowledgeable and always willing to make the order happen, even when we had last minute changes. Great product, Great Service, and Overall very happy with Liri.
Peak Event Partners
Peak Event Partners
Liri and the team in Kansas City has been a great partner for us. The ROI in Liri structures is better than any other manufacture we've worked with. We will continue to run their structure for most applications.
Louise Traficanti
Louise Traficanti
These tents are unlike normal rental tents, they are more architectural and the structure feels very sturdy and safe. The tent has double glass doors and the sidewalls I ordered are clear and made from a great quality plastic that allows great visibility. We were missing one sidewall which the company followed up with us and sent us as soon as it was in stock. While these are expensive they are the most beautiful tents out there and you get what you pay for. I would recommend looking at Liri tents.
Brian Nelson
Brian Nelson
Own several Liri structures.Product is always spot on. Customer Service is awesome and shipping is fast. Brian Nelson Nelsons Tents and Events
Adrian Velazquez
Adrian Velazquez
Its a great experience, staff very helpful and knowledgeable. I will definitely continue a relationship with LIRI TENT US!!!! Nate Brancato, Lesly Ramirez and the whole Liri employees very helpful, and great to work with. They understand the vision that a company has and the needs regarding structure equipment. Great to have as a vendor, and very comfortable being a client of LIRI
kevin leo
kevin leo
Lesly Ramirez your the best. Thanks for helping me with with all my Liri tent needs. The doors look amazing and I cant wait to get my clear glass panels to complete my look my customers want.
Galen Haddock
Galen Haddock
Great company to deal with. Added custom details to our order and they took care of them exactly as wanted! Helped with instillation. Very pleased with order. Highly recommend !
Infinity Tent Sales
Infinity Tent Sales
I have purchased tents from Liri for over 10 years now. The product is spot on. I highly recommend anyone to purchase from them.