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Tent Solutions

Liri Tent US Fabric Structures provides design-build tent solutions for a range of applications, including athletics, warehousing, industrial, equine riding arenas, aviation facilities, and all around event tents. Our customers recognize the advantages provided by fabric structures, including the low cost, quick turnaround and sustainable design. Tension fabric buildings are commonly referred to as fabric structures, fabric tension buildings, cover-all buildings and fabric buildings.

Tension fabric structures by definition are constructed using a rigid frame and a durable fabric membrane. Liri Tent US utilizes galvanized carbon steel frames with an engineered polyethylene fabric membrane. The benefits of tension fabric structures compared to traditional structures are lower operational costs, energy savings, naturally bright interior, quick installation, ability to re-locate building, flexible foundation design options and corrosion resistance.



The Liri Tent US event fabric structures are ideal for temporary to permanent structures for large trade shows, conventions, concerts, stadiums, arenas, shows, sporting events, movie sets, and other applications


Ride and train year round, regardless of weather conditions, in a Liri Tent US Indoor Riding fabric structure.  
There are many benefits to choosing a tension fabric structure over a traditional wood or steel structure, including the light-permeable fabric cover and a unique design that allows maximum space for riding activities. Because of the fast construction, durability, versatility and economical cost, tension fabric-covered equestrian arenas are a superior alternative to conventional structures.


We provide high quality industrial fabric structures tent solutions used for storage and warehousing, equipment...
... manufacturing and environmental protection. Whether you need permanent industrial fabric structures or when the business grows, you need a temporary building, Liri Tent US can provide you with the ideal tent solutions.


From field ops to recreation areas, Liri Tent US high-quality, high-performance military fabric structures can be used for a variety of applications and are optimized for the military industry.
Our military tent solutions are rapidly deployable and easy to erect and relocate. Some uses for our Fabric buildings are: disaster relief, Hazmat and military facilities, and much more…


We design and build permanent, semi-permanent and temporary hangars for a wide variety of aviation industry needs. Liri Tent US tent solutions provides exceptional height and extraordinary clearance.
Our aviation fabric structures have no internal columns to interfere with aircraft or heavy machinery, allowing for ease of movement and maximum usable space.
industrial tent solutions


Tent used for temporary or permanent warehouse, temporary or permanent workshop, boat storage, and yacht repair workshop.
warehouse fabric structures


Whether you need a permanent industrial applications building or when the business grows, you need temporary warehousing.
Liri Tent can provide you the ideal solution. Our warehouse tents for the convenience of construction enterprises short season, the venue provides a flexible distribution of flexible space, avoiding the need to increase the production of space rental, remote working and other hidden costs.


Liri Tent US is a professional exhibition tent supplier, famous exhibition tent rental company.
The large exhibition tent cover clear span width: 40m, 50m, 60m, exhibition tents can quickly provide a more economical solution for outdoor exhibition. We provide a variety of exhibition hall for large fairs, product fairs. Set up, dismantling easy, quick, ground condition is not strictly required, either concrete or grass, and much more...


Our Athletic tent solutions allows for year-round practice and events in a comfortable and well-lit environment.
Your clear span sports complex will be built to the exact size you need, with the overhead clearance necessary. Add plenty of space for practice courts, locker rooms and even a viewing platform for fans, media and parents.


Liri Tent US Wedding Fabric Structures can be installed with glass or hard sides and white or transparent tops. They handle adverse weather well and are excellent for long-term placements. Our tents solutions are perfect for weddings, luncheons and receptions.
festival tent solutions


Festivals and celebrations are one of the classic use cases for our engineered fabric structures.
Liri Tent US provides high quality fabric clear span structures in multiple profile sizes and frame designs.  Because the space inside the structure is free from obstruction, and due to the engineering integrity of our products, you can maximize the number of people that can be inside the structure and utilize the support beams to customize the interior with lighting and decor.


Liri Tent US golf tent solutions are attractive and include several features that make them ideal for golf players, groundskeepers and equipment.
Our structures can be built with or without walls, and the top cover can be translucent to allow light inside while still providing shade and protection from harmful UV rays.


Liri Tent US hospitality fabric structures provides tent solutions for hotel properties looking for quick, cost-effective hospitality space.
Ideal for multi-purpose applications like banquet halls and convention spaces, Liri Tent US’s modular design and bright engineered fabric structure interiors provide better-sounding acoustics and reduced climate control costs.


The Transparent Party Tent uses transparent PVC material for the roof cover, sidewall (which can be transparent PVC)
... glass wall or transparent ABS wall to create a crystal-looking tent. It is an attractive design for many types of events. It can be used with lighting effect in the evening and different colors can be used to make the event more glamorous.