Liri Tent US Introduces the Game-Changing Elevated Flooring System (EFS)

The future of tent setups is here. Liri Tent US is proud to present the Elevated Flooring System (EFS), an evolutionary product that promises to redefine tent industry standards. 


With the EFS, tent installers can expect precision, innovation, and adaptability in one seamless package. Designed to provide an unparalleled foundation for all clearspan tents, the EFS ensures that structures remain steadfast, even in the most challenging of terrains and conditions.


The Liri Advantage

The standout features of the EFS are the innovative main beam design and the fitting to integrate with ring-lock scaffolding. This unique feature allows for the removal of sections to provide easy access for heavy machinery during large tent installations. Once done, the beams can be effortlessly replaced, and the floor reset, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimal downtime.


A Truly Versatile Offering

While designed to be a perfect match for Liri Tent US structures, the EFS doesn’t stop there. Its deck panels are versatile enough to be compatible with competitor products. The system’s flexibility extends to accommodate various configurations, including other tent manufacturers’ designs, allowing tent installers to leverage their inventory based on the needs of each event. 


Constructed using the durable ring-lock scaffolding system, the EFS promises robustness and reliability. Additional features include US-based sealed engineering documentation, and a range of accessories from railings to walling systems, all designed to integrate seamlessly with the EFS.


A Promise of Elevated Experiences

In the words of Liri Tent US, “Anything you can do on the ground, you can do at an elevation.” The EFS isn’t just another product; it’s a commitment to elevating event experiences. It’s a promise of crafting not just events, but memories, statements, and lasting inspirations. As an installer, the efficiency and capability of the EFS will elevate your company in the eyes of your clients.

About Liri Tent US

Liri Tent US has been at the forefront of innovative tent solutions, consistently pushing boundaries and setting industry standards. With the introduction of the Elevated Flooring System, Liri Tent US continues its legacy of redefining the possibilities in tent installations.