Eleavted Flooring System from Liri Tent

At Liri Tent US, we’re excited to unveil an innovation set to transform the tent and event industry: the Liri Elevated Floor System. As pioneers in constructing elevated platforms, we’ve harnessed our expertise to develop a system that not only meets but surpasses the expectations of our clients.


A Foundation of Strength and Flexibility

At the heart of our Elevated Floor System lies the ring lock scaffolding technology – a testament to stability, adaptability, and durability. This method, trusted for years, forms the backbone of our cutting-edge platform solutions. The Liri deck platforms are ingeniously crafted with our exclusive beam support posts, effortlessly installed tab-less deck beams, and durable coated deck panels. These elements combine to ensure that constructing structure tents is now easier, faster, and more efficient than ever before.


Designed for Adaptability and Ease

Our tab-less deck beams revolutionize the construction process, allowing for the partial disassembly of the deck to accommodate heavy equipment. The deck panels, framed in aluminum and composed of plywood and plastic, are engineered to resist water, corrosion, and mildew. Furthermore, our system is designed for universal compatibility, ready to integrate with other leading elevated floor systems, accept various deck panels or wood joists, and connect with any metric-measured structure tent. In the near term, our plan is to recalculate the layout to support tents with imperial measurements. 


Tailored for the Rental Market

Understanding the dynamic needs of the rental market, the Liri Elevated Floor System was born from a vision of ultimate adaptability. Whether standing alone or complementing existing elevated platforms, our system is customizable to meet the specific requirements of your projects and clients. Starting at an introductory price of $38/sq.ft., the base package equips you to build up to 1.0 meters tall, incorporating all necessary components for a robust and versatile platform.


A Leap Forward for Your Business

The Liri Elevated Floor System represents a new era for tent-integrated elevated platforms. Its ease of assembly, speed, and universal compatibility promise significant savings in labor costs and a reduction in the need for specialized workers. This engineered solution empowers your business to fulfill client needs with unprecedented efficiency.


The Liri Tent US Advantage

Liri Modular Structure, a global leader in the manufacture of tents and structures, boasts over 600 skilled employees and a state-of-the-art manufacturing process that guarantees unmatched production quality. Through the US partnership based in Kansas City, Liri Tent US ensures prompt and efficient access to all necessary components for tents and decks, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Step into the future with the Liri Elevated Floor System – where innovation meets efficiency, setting new standards in the event industry.