Equestrian Structures from Liri Tent

Liri Tent is the perfect option for your equestrian structure needs . Whether it’s individual horse owners that need extra space on their private property, small businesses that need space for stables, riding and training, or large events that need an arena with space for dozens of stables in addition to places for spectators and merchandise, Liri Tent has the ideal tent for your needs.

Individual horse owners, small businesses, and large companies, can all expect the highest quality of product and unmatched levels of customer service through the entire process of planning, installation and post installation of an equestrian structure provided by Liri Tent. 

At Liri Tent, we pride ourselves on our top notch quality, value, and customer service. Using trendsetting technology and the highest quality materials available, we offer structures that are the top of the line and best value in the industry. All of our structures are made of the highest grade extruded and anodized aluminum (6061/T6) and galvanized steel fittings. Our frames can withstand winds up to 115 mph and can handle a snow load of 75 kg/sqm. Choosing a high degree roof pitch design, can also assist with snow shedding, so you can rest assured that your structure will be dependable in any weather. Ride, train, and host events year-round, regardless of weather conditions. 

Liri structures are available from 3m-60m wide, with no length limit, and 850g/sqm (12.53) premium coated vinyl roof panels and gable ends. Our structures do not require internal support poles, making it easy for you to maximize your space. Our innovative Clear Span Equestrian Tents also offer many customizable options for your indoor arena, including ventilation systems, doors, lighting, stalls, fencing, and more. 

At Liri Tent, we manufacture our structures using 25 oz. double PVC coated polyester and meet the U.S. National Fire Protection Agency’s highest standards and State Fire Marshal inspections. You can have peace of mind knowing that your structure is as safe as possible for both the horses and their people.

Additional accessories such as heating and cooling systems, weight plates, and rain gutters are available for your equestrian tent, allowing you to make it the most comfortable space possible in the summer or winter. There are also additional options such as extra large rolling doors to make the structure accessible for vehicles such as a horse trailer to drive through.

The roof and side covers of Liri Tents are available in 10 or 16 ft. sections depending on the size of the tent. This makes it easy for you to replace any part of the structure, should it become damaged, without having to purchase a whole new tent. It also allows you to easily expand and add to your space should the need for a bigger space arise. 

Call us for an estimate today and see why Liri Tent is the most practical, reliable, and cost effective option for all your equestrian structure needs.