Whether it’s a tornado, a flood, hurricane, fire, ice storm, or any other disaster, one thing is certain, immediate disaster relief and aid are highly important. Liri Tent can provide a structure that is quick to assemble and available immediately for uses such as a temporary on-site medical structure, first responders command center, food service, temporary warehouse solutions, temporary lodging, and distribution facilities.

With the worst ice storms occurring between March and April, the threat of tornadoes a constant reality in May and June, and hurricane season lasting June to November each year, Liri Tent provides what you need year-round in the event of a disaster. From temporary spaces for housing or medical treatment to storage space and food service locations, Liri Tent has the ideal structure to match any need.

Liri Tent structures can be built on sand, asphalt, concrete, or grass which gives the flexibility to set up a relief center where it is most needed. Your structure can be set up and ready to help people within days not weeks, allowing your team a faster response time during a disaster.

At Liri Tent US, we use highly functional technology and the highest quality materials to produce a product that will exceed your expectations. All of our top-of-the-line structures are made of the highest grade extruded and anodized aluminum (6061/T6) and galvanized steel fittings. Our frames can withstand winds up to 115 mph, which makes Liri Tent a reliable option during the aftermath of a disaster.

Liri Tents are manufactured using 25 oz double PVC coated polyester and meet the U.S. National Fire Protection Agency’s highest standards and State Fire Marshal inspections. You can have peace of mind knowing your emergency shelter or disaster relief structure is as safe as possible.

We offer modular roof covers which are easily replaced if damaged. The roof and side covers of Liri Tents are available in 10 or 16 ft sections depending on the size of the tent. These are easily removed and able to be replaced separately. This makes our tents a cost-effective option in hazardous conditions. One side at a time can be replaced if damage occurs, saving time as well as money.

Liri Tent US structures can be assembled in a variety of shapes and sizes. Additional parts are available for purchase from our central warehouse in Kansas City. This is extremely helpful in the event of a disaster. If additional space or accessories are needed, it won’t be necessary to assemble an entirely new structure – just easily add on to your existing one!

Liri structures are available from 10 ft – 197 ft wide, with no length limit, and 850g/sqm (12.53) premium coated vinyl roof panels and gable ends. Structures can be enhanced with double and single glass doors, glass or ABS hard-walls, various PVC soft-wall designs, flooring, stairs, and a wide variety of innovative accessories.

Accessories to support heating and cooling systems, weight plates, and rain gutters are available for the relief structure making it as comfortable and functional as possible. There are also additional options such as extra large rolling doors to make the structure accessible for vehicles to drive through, as well as provide access for any heavy machinery. This makes it an ideal option for disaster relief shelters in hot and cold weather.

Liri Tent is the optimal choice in the event of an emergency when disaster relief structures are needed. With options available to fit the needs that arise in any situation; our top-quality structures will save time and money and provide a safe and reliable solution for aid workers.