At Liri Tent, we pride ourselves in designing innovative, state-of-the-art semi-permanent structures for all temporary and long-term needs including events, industrial use, and space expansion. Our tents will elevate any event or occasion to something truly remarkable or provide just the space you require for expansion and storage. Whether you are looking for sleek and modern, unique, fun and whimsical, or heavy-duty and industrial, our clearspan structures are guaranteed to deliver exactly what you need. 

Here are our most popular tent styles and some of the most common uses for our highly sought-after designs. 


Popular Tent Styles and Their Common Uses


  • A-Frame Tent 

Common uses: Weddings, exhibition halls, galas, corporate events, sporting events, storage warehouses, and medical facilities.

Liri’s A Frame Tent is one of our highly requested and versatile tent styles. Our A-Frame clearspan structures have the ability for both temporary and long-term use and are used for everything from corporate events to medical facilities. With the capability to be designed for industrial uses or elegant events, there is endless potential for the space you can construct and create with these structures. Weddings, exhibition halls, galas, product promotion events, sporting events, storage warehouses, and emergency medical relief structures are just some of the common uses for our best-selling A Frame tents. Easy to set up and disassemble, they are available in widths from 3- 60 m (10-197 ft) and up to any length needed. As with all our tents, our A Frame’s are fully customizable with our extensive accessory options.

  • Dome/Acrum Tent

Common uses: Business events and specific events that require a unique design (e.g., trade shows).

Our Dome/Acrum Tents expand on our traditional A-Frame structures by adding fun and elegant shape options for the roof. Our Dome Tents maintain the original architectural design of the A-Frame but with aluminum roof beams that are extruded to create an innovative curve or dome shape. Our half dome tent boasts a practical as well as esthetically pleasing awning that is perfect for trade shows and business events. Dome tents are also offered with a double-decker option that creates both extra space and ambiance. Our Dome Tents are characterized by their open, expansive feel and feature high ceilings and a spacious interior. These tents are perfect for any event that needs a unique and eye-catching design. Dome Tents are available in widths from 3 – 40 m (10-131 ft) and any length desired and can be increased in 3 or 5 m (10 or 16 ft)  bays. 

  • Curve Tents

Common uses: Concerts, Festival, Fairs, Sporting events, and Exhibition 

If you’re looking for a tent that adds something extra special and beyond the ordinary, Liri’s unique Curve Tents are a perfect option. Beautifully designed with an elegant heart shape, they boast a spacious and whimsical atmosphere inside the structure. This special structure is a popular choice because of all of the ambiance it adds to any event simply by its gorgeous roof design.  Available in widths of 15-40 m (49-131 ft) and any length needed, our Curve Tent is guaranteed to create an impressive setting for any event. Curve tents are ideal for any large event such as a concert, festival, fair, sporting event, exhibition and so much more. Our Curve Tent’s design sets the stage for any big event to make it all the more memorable. 

  • Double Decker Tents

Common uses: Weddings, Corporate events, Sporting events.

Liri’s Double Decker Tents will take any event to the next level with its impressive design and extensive options for expanding your event space. Our Double Decker Tents are two-level structures that offer a wide variety of roof styles and sizes. Double Decker Tents provide the flexibility and versatility to customize your space in numerous ways. The additional seating and space options of more than one level give you the ability to create various environments with different uses all in one structure. Lower-level dining with upper-level dancing under the stars or sleek VIP spectator stands are just a few of the many ways a Double Decker Tent can be used to create the perfect event. From weddings to corporate or sporting events, the sky is truly the limit with these elegant clearspan structures. We offer A-Frame, Dome, and Cube Double Decker Tents available in widths of 10-40 m and any length desired. 


All of our many clearspan structures are customizable with our extensive accessory options which include double or single glass doors, stairs, flooring options, windows, transparent fabric walls, horizontal or vertical glass walls, abs hard walls, steel sandwich panel walls, roof lining and curtains and colored fabric options. Our tent covers feature a professional tensioning system and can be customized with your logo. We offer rain gutters and weight plates as well as heating and air conditioning units to ensure the functionality of our structures in any weather conditions. 

Your safety is our top priority and all Liri tent frameworks (upright support and roof beams) are manufactured with four-channel high-strength extruded and anodized Aluminum (6061/T6). Our PVC covers use double PVC-coated polyester textile which is flame retardant in accordance with the highest safety standards. All of our clearspan structures exceed every safety standard and are made with the highest quality materials available. 

Liri not only offers unparalleled structures in design and construction, but we also take great pride in providing you with unbeatable customer service. Our experienced team is here to help you every step of the way in the design, set up, and take down of your clearspan structure. Contact us today and make every great event an even better experience with various types of tents from Liri Tent.