Storing materials, products, and merchandise, using regular storage companies can get expensive fast. Sometimes the best option for a business can be to find a long-term storage solution through a warehouse-like building. Luckily, with Liri Tent, a customizable long-term warehouse solution is more affordable and attainable than ever. Clearspan structures require no center poles, which creates a wide-open space, ideal for warehouse structures. These structures also have the luxury of being convenient for short-term and long-term needs on almost any foundation. All you need is the space and to make a call to find your perfect clearspan tent solution. 

Finding a Flexible Yet Secure Solution

When choosing a long-term industrial tent structure, Liri Tent’s semi-permanent structures have the flexibility to be built on sand, asphalt, concrete, or grass, which offers much more adaptability than a conventional building. Land is of the essence these days, so having the flexibility to build a warehouse on any foundation can come in handy. While Liri Tent’s clearspan structures have earned a reputation in the event and entertainment sectors, the strength and quality of these structures have been proven to equally meet the needs of the industrial industry. 

Built to last, Liri Tent’s clearspan structures can withstand all weather elements In looking for long-term clearspan tents for warehouses, durability, and reliability matter. 

Long-Term Warehouse Storage Solutions to Fit Your Space

Every business is different, and every tent structure should reflect that. That’s why Liri Tent can be customized for any size space. Our structures are available from 10-197 ft. wide and any length desired with 850g/sqm premium covers. No space is “too big” or “too small” when it comes to your needs. 

  • Small Beam Clearspan Structures

Small beam clearspan tents easily transform to offer coverage for small storage needs. Despite their small size, these clearspan tents still offer reliable storage facilities with ample space, natural light, and a large door. Our small beam clearspan tents range from 10 ft. to 40 ft.

  • Medium Beam Clearspan Tents

As your storage needs grow, so do Liri Tent’s structures. Our medium beam clearspan structures accommodate up to 82 ft. in length and can even be sectioned off for greater versatility and organization. With more space, you may want to consider some of our additional tent accessories like an electronic rolling door or air-conditioning for heat-sensitive materials. 

  • Large Beam Clearspan Tent Structures 

For businesses’ largest storage needs, we offer large beam clearspan tent structures that range from 66 ft. to 197 ft. Built with a modular structure design, these warehouse tents have the ability to be increased and decreased in a bay distance of 16 ft. according to any specific need. By adding rolling doors to these structures, storing large machinery or vehicles becomes possible.

  • EBT Series Structures

In addition to the ET Series, the EBT Series is another top recommendation for long-term warehouse structures. The structures in this series are available in widths of 20m, 25m, and 30m. The framework of these tents is manufactured 256x121x5mm four-channel high-strength extruded and anodized aluminum (6061/T6). The PVC covers on both the EBT Series and the ET Series use double PVC-coated polyester textile which is flame retardant in accordance with industry standards, adding a layer of additional safety and security to your structure. The EBT Series is compatible with a full range of tent accessories and offers the same convenient installation and breakdown as all Liri Tent structures. 

Contact Liri Tent for Long-Term Warehouse Solutions

If you are interested in finding a long-term warehouse solution for your business needs, contact Liri Tent. Our fully customizable range of flexible warehouse tents offers safety, security, and storage for all your materials, machines, merchandise, and more. If you’re unsure what you need, contact the Liri Tent professionals! We’re happy to offer resources like our catalog or reference guide or offer suggestions based on your budget and requirements.