If you think your clients can’t have a luxury, upscale event in an outdoor tent, think again because Liri Tent has raised the level of luxury attainable under a clearspan roof to the highest standard. With Liri Tent US, the most lavish and luxurious of spaces can be designed exactly where it needs to be. 


With Liri, you have the ability to raise your event space or business to the next level by offering our luxurious event tents to your clients. With no length limit for our structures, they can be customised to accommodate any size of the crowd. Your customers now have the ability to choose the ideal spot at your venue for any event, knowing that you will have the perfect structure that can be built exactly where you need it to be. Camping needs are not left out as we also offer luxury tents for camping.


Liri Tent luxury tents have the flexibility to be built on almost any foundation such as grass, gravel, concrete, and sand. Liri Tent has you covered, no matter what type of event you have booked. Think weddings on the beach, parties by the lake, a formal evening event in the vineyard, or an organized luxury camping. We have the event tent you need to make your client’s dreams a reality within their spatial restraints. Offering Liri Tent event structures as part of your event services business will give you a cutting-edge advantage that your potential clients will be sure to recognize as extremely valuable. Our luxury tents offer an immense range of options that can accommodate any size event. Our wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs can bring all of your ideas to life for events such as weddings, concerts, trade shows, conventions, and corporate events. Liri Tent can help set your event company apart from others with our top-of-the-line tent offerings.


With our extensive customizable tent features and accessories, you can have luxury tents with air conditioning and other options such as stairs, flooring options, printed fabric, custom colors, windows, and glass doors to create the most lavish of events you envision. Options like glass walls or transparent fabric walls and ceilings create an elegant ambiance, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors while still experiencing the comforts of being indoors. We also offer double-decker tents that can be customized to create a sleek and modern rooftop bar or dance floor.


We use the highest quality materials available to offer top-of-the-line structures that are unparalleled in the industry. All of our structures are made of the highest grade extruded and anodized aluminum (6061/T6) and galvanized steel fittings. Our frames can withstand winds up to 115 mph. With accessory options such as weight plates and rain gutters, you can have your event tent fully equipped to handle varying weather conditions so that your elegant event is not disrupted and runs smoothly, just as planned.

We manufacture our structures using 25 oz. double PVC coated polyester and meet the U.S. National Fire Protection Agency’s highest standards and State Fire Marshal inspections. You can have confidence that the event structures you’re offering your clients exceed all safety standards.


When you choose Liri, you are not only choosing the highest quality structure in the industry but you are also guaranteed unmatched customer service. Our customer service team is here to answer all your questions. At Liri Tent US, our job is not done when the transaction is completed. We pride ourselves in our ability to assist with your needs beyond the purchase of one of our structures. Our experienced team knows how important the details are in getting you the accessories and expansion capability you need in order to get the most productivity out of your structure. We are happy to assist with your planning and preparation needs to ensure the best overall experience for you and your clients. 


Contact us today and let Liri Tent help you offer your clients the best in the business for their luxury events. You are assisting in creating the memories of a lifetime and we are here to create the structures to hold them.