Liri Tent is proud to offer military grade tents designed with the highest quality materials available in order to be durable, practical, and efficient. Our military tents are an ideal solution for all military semi-permanent space needs. Their uses range from housing, dining, and restroom facilities to recreation spaces, commissaries, and medic stations. We are proud to offer our troops safe and functional spaces with accessories to make them as comfortable and functional as possible. 

The Many Benefits of Military Tents From Liri Tent US

  • Storage Spaces for Aircraft

Liri also offers hanger tents designed for easy and safe storage of aircraft. Fully customizable for your particular aviation needs, our hanger tents are built to provide both easy access and protection for aircraft.  

  • Natural Disaster Relief Purposes

Our military shelter tents are also an ideal solution for natural disaster relief, and peace corps uses. We specialize in designing high-quality clearspan structures for all kinds of humanitarian aid uses such as distribution and shelter facilities, camps for kids, and medical aid facilities. 

  • Military Tents for Industrial Needs

In addition to military and humanitarian uses, our military grade tents are designed to meet industrial needs as well. Whether it’s storage, processing, decontamination, or recycling our clear span structures are the perfect solution. With their high clearance, wide widths, and rolling doors to allow for vehicle access, these tents are ideal for all industrial uses. 

  • Army Tents for Housing

Liri Tent provides military-grade tents tailored for housing solutions. Crafted with the highest quality materials, these tents offer a durable and practical housing option for military personnel in various environments. From training camps to field deployments, our tents provide a safe and comfortable living space, ensuring troops can rest and recharge efficiently.

  • Restroom Facilities

Maintaining proper sanitation is vital for the well-being of military personnel. Liri Tent’s military-grade structures can serve as portable restroom facilities. Our tents are designed with high-quality fabrics and can be customized with accessories such as curtains and interior walls to provide a private, comfortable environment for soldiers. The ease of setup ensures that even in challenging conditions, our restroom facilities contribute to maintaining a sense of normalcy and essential personal hygiene.

  • Recreation Spaces

From break areas and lounges to spaces for leisure activities, our tents provide a comfortable and protected environment. With customizable options and spacious interiors, these tents contribute to fostering a sense of community and relaxation for military personnel during downtime.

  • Spaces for Military Commissary

Liri Tent offers military-grade tents that serve as efficient commissaries for troops. These tents are designed for the storage and distribution of goods, ensuring that supplies are organized, accessible, and protected from the elements. With their wide widths and customizable features, our clear span structures are ideal for establishing well-organized commissary spaces in any operational setting.

  • Tents for Medic Stations

With features like easy access, climate control, and customizable layouts, our military-grade tents are suitable to serve as temporary medical field spaces. Liri Tent structures are designed with durable materials and can be easily set up, allowing for faster response time in the field.

Liri Tent US: Leading Suppliers of Military Tents

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Liri Tent is a reliable supplier of high-quality clear span tents for military use. Our tents are designed with innovative technology and the highest safety standards in the industry. Below are some of the benefits you enjoy when you choose Liri Tent.

  • Flexible Spaces

As with all our structures, our military grade tents are designed without support poles to allow you the flexibility to make full use of your space however needed. Liri’s clear span tents are created to be completely versatile and our structures can be built on almost any surface such as grass, sand, gravel, and concrete. They are easily assembled and disassembled on-site in any location, making them ideal for military, industrial, and relief aid uses. Wherever you need shelter, Liri can provide it for you.

  • Safety Standards and Weather Resistance

Built to withstand wind loads of up to 115 miles per hour, our military grade tents provide protection from any adverse weather conditions. Your safety is our utmost priority and Liri Tent structures exceed all safety standards, meeting the U.S. National Fire Protection Agency’s highest standards and State Fire Marshal inspections. We manufacture our tents using 25 oz. double PVC coated polyester and the highest grade extruded and anodized aluminum (6061/T6) and galvanized steel fittings. Using state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality materials available, we offer military grade tents that are unparalleled in the industry. 

  • Many Sizes

Our wide selection of military tents range in size from 3 to 50 meters (10 to 197 feet) in width and can be built to any length desired in 5-meter (16 ft) increments. You can always start small and add on as needed. With replaceable side and roof covers, our structures are easily repaired should damage occur. This provides the cost-effective option of simply replacing the damaged part of the tent without having to purchase a new structure. 

  • Extensive Accessory Options

Liri offers extensive accessory options for our military grade tents such as electric rolling doors, steel sandwich panel walls, soft PVC side walls, weight plates, rain gutters, flooring options, and heating and cooling systems. Completely customizable to be whatever you need them to be, our clear span structures are fully adaptable to any use and situation, making them ideal for humanitarian and military uses. 

At Liri Tent, we are here to help you every step of the way in designing your military grade clear span structure. We offer exceptional customer service and our high level of expertise to help you find the right military tent that will best meet your unique requirements. Call us today and find the solution for your all military grade temporary or long-term structure needs.