Preparing for Weather Extremes: How Liri Tents Stand the Test

Preparing for Weather Extremes: How Liri Tents Stand the Test


When it comes to events, you can’t always count on the weather to cooperate. From unexpected rainstorms to sweltering temperatures in the late summer, making sure you’re prepared with a tent structure that stands the test is a must. From open-air tent structures to accessories like air conditioning units and rain gutters, Liri Tent structures are not only built to last but built to keep you comfortable when weather happens. 


Tent Structures Built to Last in Your Environment

The famous saying “location, location, location” is all too true when it comes to hosting the perfect event. From beach weddings to vineyard charity events, the backdrop is where your event starts. Your luxury tent structure should be able to fit and last in your location, no matter where it is. Liri Tent’s semi-permanent structures have the flexibility to be built on sand, asphalt, concrete, or grass, which offers much more adaptability than conventional event buildings. With sturdy structures that can be assembled and taken apart in days instead of weeks, your weekend events can be held in unconventional places once reserved for small non-structured events. With more locations to hold your events, environmental conditions could apply. Strong breezes off the ocean or heavy snowstorms in the mountains mean that you need tent structures that can withstand whatever weather conditions are thrown their way. Liri Tent structures are built to withstand wind loads of up to 115 mph and both balanced and unbalanced snow loads of 75 kg/sqm. These structures can withstand such limits due to their frameworks (upright support and roof beams) that are manufactured with four-channel high-strength extruded and anodized Aluminum (6061/T6). In addition to the sturdy features of our tent structures, additional tent accessories can help outfit your event tent with just the right benefits to clear weather-produced headaches. 


Tent Accessories to Elevate Your Guests Comfort

From luxury events under the stars, music festivals on hot summer evenings, or fall art fairs with rain looming overhead, Liri Tent offers an extensive variety of accessories for your clear span tent structures to make sure you’re prepared for anything. 

For serene sunsets and beachfront views, Liri Tent offers transparent tent fabric that offers a pristine and clean look to your events. Transparent tent fabric isn’t the only option when it comes to options to pair with beautiful spaces. We offer both horizontal and vertical glass walls that are ideal for spectator sports and picturesque views.

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck but with an unprepared event structure, rain can mean bad news. Adding rain gutters to your Liri Tent structure can help divert rainwater from pooling and dripping inside your tent structure.

Lastly, shade may not be enough if you’re hosting an event on a hot summer day. For enclosed event structures, our Liri Tent professionals can pair your structure with an air-conditioning unit that can keep your tent and your guests cool and comfortable. 


Tent Designs to Complement The Perfect Day

Being prepared is the number one way to have your event go off without a hitch but having a tent design that complements your space and your needs is a great start too. For example, a double decker tent structure can give your guests an upper level to double your party space and offer a birds eye view. On the other hand, adding glamping tents to your resorts and vacation properties can fit the environment while offering just enough luxury and privacy for your visitors.

Some of Liri Tent’s most popular tent styles include our versatile A-frame tent structure, our fun dome/acrum tents, and our extraordinary curved tent structures. 


Preparing for Weather Extremes with Liri Tent

With many weather conditions, environmental factors, and tent designs to take into account, choosing the right tent structure can seem stressful. Our Liri Tent professionals are just one message or call away and ready to help guide you to the tent structure and accessories that will stand the test of weather while passing the test of taste with guests. Liri Tent is an industry-leading tent manufacturer that uses only the highest quality materials to produce our top-of-the-line structures. Built to last, our tent structure covers are made out of a double PVC-coated polyester textile which is flame retardant in accordance with industry standards. Safety is our number one priority so that event client satisfaction can be your number one priority.