The Rise of Sporting Event Tents

The Rise of Sporting Event Tents

As sports leagues and global competition continue to expand the need for sporting event tents has risen. No longer are tournaments, exhibition games, and competitions confined to brick-and-mortar areas and stadiums. The rise of sporting events tents can be seen on a global scale and having the proper clear span structures to fit the unique needs of every sport can be crucial for today’s event rental specialists. From equestrian stables to basketball courts built in just a few days, let’s explore the innovative designs and features of today’s sports and recreation event structures

Clear Span Structures and Sporting Events

For sporting events big and small the need for easy-to-assemble, multi-use event tents are prevalent. With many sports being played indoors, the need for tents without poles can be extremely important in keeping space clear for courts, obstacles, stands, and even pools for swimming competitions. With this need in mind, the clear span tent structure is the perfect fit to accommodate the open space needed to host these sporting event functions. Liri Tent’s clear span tent structures are designed and built to structurally support themselves without the need for internal support poles, maximizing the space under the structure. Not only are these event structures designed to accommodate the needs of many different sports but they’re built to last. Our structures are constructed using the highest grade extruded and anodized aluminum (6061/T6) and galvanized steel fittings, preparing them to withstand winds up to 115 mph. Additionally, the clear span structures are manufactured using 25 oz. double PVC coated polyester and meet the U.S. National Fire Protection Agency’s highest standards and State Fire Marshal inspections

Depending on the sizing requirements you need to meet for capacity, Liri Tent offers small, medium, and large beam clear span tent structures. This offers the flexibility of offering a 10 ft. structure all the way up to a tent spanning 197 ft. 


Elevating Fan Experience with Sporting Event Tents 

Not only can sporting event tents allow for sports to be played in any season, practically anywhere but they offer a fan experience unlike any other. From VIP hospitality tents to adding overhead coverage to protect from rain and damaging sunrays, these event structures can make all the difference to the die-hard fan or casual viewer. The clear span tent design, with its absence of structural poles, can add more optimal seating options and never puts anyone behind structural supports that deny them a clear view of the competition. 

Going beyond the fan experience, Liri Tent structures can be used to accommodate the unique needs of athletes too. One of our popular tent accessories is the extra large rolling doors that can accommodate the accessibility needs of car trailers, horse trailers, and vehicles from private entering and exiting. Additionally, air conditioning can be installed in many of our event structures, leaving attendees and athletes comfortable. 


Managing the Unique Needs of Sports and Recreation Events

Just as all sports are different, so are the needs of each sporting event. For winter-related sports and recreational activities, it is overtly important that your event structures are built to withstand potential snow storms and heavy allotments of snow on the top of your structures. Liri Tent event structures are built to withstand both balanced and unbalanced snow loads of 75 kg/sqm. Making them a safer option in times of extreme weather

For equestrian events, the needs go beyond just an event tent. Event organizers must think of pop-up stables that can hold the horses, additional modular structures for merchandise and check-in booths, and hospitality suites. This type of thinking can also be applied to large motorsport events, where the need for stables would be replaced with the need for mechanic shops for cars. 


Sporting Events Tents From Liri Tent

Liri Tent is the perfect partner for any event organizer or rental company that specializes in sporting events. Our tents are not only built to last but can offer a blank slate to create next-level fan experiences. Our clear span tent structures come in different sizes to fit the exact needs of the event, creating a space that is not too big or not too cramped. 

If you’re interested in clear span structures, A-frame tents, double decker tents, and more, explore the Liri Tent website to see a variety of our offerings. If you’re not sure what event structure would benefit your sporting event the most, give us a call! Our professionals can offer suggestions so that you can make an informed decision.