Unconventional Venues: Transforming Spaces with Tents

Unconventional Venues: Transforming Spaces with Tents

Event tents can be used for far more than just the pop-up carnival coming to town. Semi Permanent structures are being used for many different types of events as unconventional venues that transform the space and add unique touches are not always possible with a brick-and-mortar event space. Keep reading to discover how Liri Tent is transforming spaces into unconventional venues with semi permanent clear span tent structures. 


The Rise of Unconventional Venues

In an age of viral moments and unforgettable events, the regular event space is no longer the only option to consider for event planning companies looking to accommodate their clients. Pop-up shops, outdoor festivals, and cultural events aren’t always going to take place at event venues and community centers, making the need for other venue options apparent. Luckily, with durable semi-permanent structures that can accommodate any sized event and be outfitted to match any necessary needs or themes, permanent buildings are no longer the standard. Unconventional venues allow events to happen anywhere. Clearspan tent structures have the flexibility to be built on sand, asphalt, concrete, or grass, which offers much more adaptability than conventional event buildings. And despite having the ability to be built and removed in a matter of days, these tents are still built to last. 

Many of Liri Tent’s event structures feature frameworks (upright support and roof beams) that are manufactured with four-channel high-strength extruded and anodized Aluminum (6061/T6). These frameworks can withstand wind loads of up to 115 mph and both balanced and unbalanced snow loads of 75 kg/sqm. Additionally, our tent structure covers are made out of a double PVC-coated polyester textile which is flame retardant in accordance with industry standards. With structures that can prevail in extreme weather conditions, the likelihood of a canceled event can be minimized. 


Transforming Spaces with Semi Permanent Structures

When it comes to clear span tent structures, the opportunities are limitless. The look and feel of the event can be completely transformed with the right tent. From high peak statement tents to orangeries and specialty tents that don’t even look like your regular old event tent, you can make an event come to life. With the semi-permanent nature of Liri Tent structures, whether your event lasts one day like a wedding or you have an art exhibition that will be open for months, our semi-permanent structures will last. With the right tent and accessories, a chic gala or art showing can awe and inspire just as much as the content it holds. Our tents can also be used for a variety of utility reasons. As buildings need maintenance and updates, an event structure can be used to house offices, studios, and everything in between. 

Another benefit of using semi permanent event structures is the options when it comes to sizes. Not only do they have more room underneath the tent due to the clear span system that removes tent poles but they come in multiple sizes. Our clear span structures are available from 3 m-60 m (10 ft-197 ft) wide and any length desired w 850g/sqm (12.53) premium covers.


Semi Permanent Structures Can Fit Luxury Needs

Semi Permanent structures can meet the needs of every day with a heightened sense of luxury usually only reserved for ballrooms and event spaces. Accessories like custom colors, panoramic windows, air-conditioning and rain gutters, can all add to your guests’ overall experience. Accessibility can also be a very important feature of our tents. We can outfit your structure with entrance ramps, different flooring options, electric rolling garage doors, or double glass doors with push bars. Using a customizable look and innovative features, a temporary structure can look just as grand and beautiful as buildings that have been on the same property for years. 


Your Venue Needs Can Be Met with Liri Tent

We hope this article has helped you spark some new ideas as they relate to unconventional venues. As an industry leader in semi-permanent structures, Liri Tent is proud to offer our clients state-of-the-art clear span tents that are designed with trendsetting technology and the highest safety standards in the industry. If you’re new to clear span structures and semi-permanent tents, contact us today. As modern trends change in the event industry, we stay on top of the structures needed to accommodate those events. Liri Tent prides itself on offering unmatched quality and customer service while providing the latest designs and innovative accessories to meet your space needs at an unmatched value.