Outdoor markets and art fairs create memorable family-friendly events for many. Even on the nicest of days, it’s imperative to have structures to offer protection from wind and sun. Unique events deserve unique structures that can withstand any element that may occur, and with Liri Tent clear span structures, you can have it all. 


Many of our outdoor event structures can be assembled quickly and can be built on any type of foundation. Outdoor events and festivals aren’t always reserved for solid ground, that’s why our structures can be built on grass, gravel, concrete, and sand. Despite offering the convenience of quick builds, all of our structures are made of the highest grade extruded and anodized aluminum (6061/T6) and galvanized steel fittings. The frames of our structures are built to withstand winds up to 115 mph, while also being lightweight and transportable. Additionally, we manufacture our structures to meet the U.S. National Fire Protection Agency’s highest standards and State Fire Marshal inspections. We understand the importance of keeping your guests and attendees safe, that’s why we pay special attention to meeting these safety standards across our available tent structures. Some of our most popular easy-to-setup structures include our NHT series and our ET series. 


Clear Span Tents For Exhibitions, Art Fairs, and Outdoor Markets From Liri Tent US


  • NHT Series

NHT Series

The NHT series uses a modular-combination design which allows the tent length to be adjusted in 3m increments. This series offers structures with widths of 6m (19.7ft), 9m (29.5ft), and 12m (39.4ft). The tent frameworks (upright support and roof beams) are manufactured with 122 x 68 x 3mm (4.8 x 2.7 x 0.1″) four-channel high-strength extruded and anodized Aluminum (6061/T6), and the PVC covers use double PVC-coated polyester textile which is flame retardant in accordance to industry standards. This series of structures offers block-out or translucent fabrics. Tent covers can also be customized with company logos offering an additional advantage for exhibitors and artisans at these events. The NHT Series offers quick and easy installation and dismantling without the need for heavy equipment. These structures can be used for temporary or permanent buildings and are widely used for exhibition halls, social event receptions, product promotions, and sporting events.


  • ET Series

ET Tent Series

The ET series is another optimal choice for outdoor events that require temporary structures. This series features structures available in widths of 8m (26.2ft), 10m (32.8ft), 12m (39.4ft), 15m (49.2ft), 16m (52.5ft), and 18m (59.1ft), while allowing the tent length to be adjusted in 5m bays. Similar to the NHT series, the framework also uses double PVC-coated polyester textiles. The ET series products are available in A-frame, Arcum, and High Peak roofs, giving these structures a unique look to fit your event. These structures also don’t require heavy machinery for setup or take down and are used for temporary or permanent buildings. Some of the common events that utilize the ET series include social receptions, dinner parties, and VIP lounges. 


Luxurious, Unique Outdoor Tent Structures To Expand Your Event Offerings


As your outdoor events grow, you may be interested in additional offerings for your attendees. Many festivals now offer their own on-site glamping options, to give attendees a VIP experience without having to leave the festival grounds. Liri Tent glamping structures can be a luxurious solution for outdoor and art festival tents that blend into their surroundings. The overall structure of a Liri Tent glamping structure is simple and lightweight and can be quickly disassembled and assembled. These structures have a relatively low cost, do not require complex building approval processes, and do not require large installation equipment. Our clamshell and yurt glamping tent products offer a unique, hospitable environment to visitors. Additionally, we offer unique tent designs like our event star tents and our multi-sided tents.


  • Clamshell Glamping Tents

The sleek clamshell glamping tent blends bionic and architectural elegance and is the perfect choice for a variety of scenes. The open platform of the shell shape series meets the viewing needs of different angles, while the pointed shell angles are just right for the rain. The small shells can be equipped with modern luxuries of the city, like floor lamps, soft beds, spacious floor-to-ceiling windows, and an overall bathroom system. This makes these structures ideal to serve as luxurious outdoor or art fair tents.


  • Yurt Glamping Tents

Compared to traditional yurts, our yurt glamping tents retain a circular shape but have an updated skeleton and fabric. On the skeleton, the yurt tent adopts a strong and lightweight aluminum alloy frame, which is available in various sizes depending on the environment and bearing capacity. The fabric is a foam-coated PVC cloth with good waterproof performance and is self-cleaning, anti-mildew, anti-aging, and flame retardant to ensure the long-term lifespan of your Liri Tent yurt structure.


  • Star Tents

Star tent

Not only do our star tents offer a unique design unlike any else but they’re also completely functional. This specific design can be connected with others to create whatever size temporary event structure you need. Prepared for any temperature, the star tent can be open air or closed and can be outfitted with glass walls, PVC soft walls, or even ABS hard walls. Interested in getting a peak at the beautiful night sky? The star tent offers a translucent roof option to visually open the structure.


  • Multi-Sided Tents

High-peak multi-sided top tent

If you’re interested in a large space without skimping on a unique design, Liri Tents multi-sided tents are built on the basis of the hexagon, octagon, and decagon, and continue to span the number of sides based on the need of the diameter and square footage of the tent. Despite being easy to assemble and disassemble, our multi-sided clearspan tents are made of hard-pressed extruded aluminum alloy (6061/T6) built to withstand high winds and different weather conditions. With this combination of style and functionality, our multi-sided tents are an excellent choice for many events.


Liri Tent Offers Clear Span Structures for Your Outdoor Events

From art fairs to corporate retreats, Liri Tent offers structures that fit the needs of any and all events. Our clear span structures are trusted solutions for art fairs, festivals, outdoor parties, markets, and more. Depending on the capacity you’re looking for, we offer structures as small as 3m to as big as 50m. The right structure for your event starts with a call or message to Liri Tent. Contact us today to discover the outdoor event tent to fit your needs.